Battersea aims to never turn away a dog or cat in need of help. 

At their three centres in London, Old Windsor and Brands Hatch, Battersea reunites lost dogs and cats with their owners. When they can't do that they care for them until new owners can be found. There is no time limit on how long a dog or cat stays with Battersea while they find them their perfect new home.

Battersea is the only animal rescue that takes in all lost, abandoned or unwanted dogs and cats, no matter what their health or behavioural issues may be. Many shelters have a selective intake policy which means that they do not take in animals with behavioural or medical issues. Battersea's expert team of dog trainers and veterinary staff give the animals in their care the best possible chance of a fresh start in a happy new home in the UK, or sometimes even further afield.

Battersea's team works hard to educate the public about responsible pet ownership including microchipping, neutering and training. This includes educational talks at schools and organisations, providing free microchipping and advice at community events and in publications.

Our players are supporting Battersea with funding which will allow them to provide a warm bed, food, walks, training, veterinary care and love for 9,000 dogs and cats that need help every year.

You can help Battersea improve the lives of dogs and cats and give them a second chance in a loving new home. For more information, visit their website

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