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TRAFFIC believes in a world where wildlife trade maintains wildlife populations and contributes to sustainable human development. Through research, analysis, guidance and influence, the charity promotes sustainable wildlife trade and combats wildlife crime and trafficking.

Through funding from the Postcode Animal Trust, wildlife officials in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe will receive specialist training for carrying out wildlife forensic investigations as part of a two year project ending in 2020.

As many as 20,000 elephants are poached each year in Africa for their ivory tusks, which organised criminal networks smuggle to Asia where they are processed into jewellery and other decorative items. The carcasses from poaching activities are crime scenes, but wildlife officials in Africa often lack the specialist equipment, skills and training to gather and analyse evidence that can be used in court to convict those involved.

TRAFFIC will lead the project to help train and pass on relevant skills for crime scene investigation and DNA forensic analysis where poaching and other wildlife crimes have taken place. The evidence gathered will be used to identify and track down those involved in committing crime and will be used in court to secure convictions.

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