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Awarding funds thanks to players of
People's Postcode Lottery

Cats Protection

Cats Protection is the UK's leading cat welfare charity, helping people see the world through cats’ eyes

Cats bring happiness to millions of us every day. They are part of the family. Yet too many of them don’t get the care and kindness they deserve. But thanks to the support of People’s Postcode Lottery players, Cats Protection is here for every cat.

At the forefront of research on cat welfare, the charity uses its decades of experience to support cat owners to keep their pets happy, healthy, and safe. Helping people understand their cats better can avoid the need for owners to give up their pets. But when rehoming is the right thing to do, Cats Protection’s teams of passionate volunteers and employees look after cats with care and kindness, and help find them a loving new home. Cats Protection also provides support to those facing the loss of their cat, and peace of mind that if an owner should pass away, their cat will be looked after and rehomed.


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The charity provides so much more than information and rehoming. They are there for cat owners through hard times. This includes helping cat owners facing financial difficulty, enabling them to keep their pets where possible. And offering a temporary foster service for cats whose owners are fleeing domestic abuse, until they can be safely reunited.

Cats Protection speaks up for cats. Its campaigns change laws to give cats more protection, calling for a better deal for cats. It also runs the world’s largest single-species neutering programme, for both pets and feral cats, to support a healthy and balanced cat population.

Thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery, Cats Protection is making a better life for cats, because life is better with cats.

Find out more about the impact of player funding from People's Postcode Lottery on the work of Cats Protection.

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National Cat Centre
Chelwood Gate, Hayward Heath

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