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Scottish SPCA 

Since 1839, the Scottish SPCA has been making life better for Scotland's pets, wildlife and farmed animals

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For almost two centuries, the Scottish SPCA has existed for one simple reason - to make Scotland a better place for animals. It's Scotland's only all-animal rescue team. It is here for all animals, always.

When an animal needs rescue, the charity answers the call for help. A pet in dire need, struggling wildlife, or a farmed animal with a welfare problem, it is there for the animals who need it. In a home. On a farm. In woodland. On the beach. In a busy city, or a quiet village. It rescues all animals from all places and situations.

The rescue doesn't stop there. It delivers first-class rehabilitation and care, giving animals a second chance at life.

Daily rescues inform the work it does to protect animals from harm or suffering. That means preventing animal welfare issues from emerging. And when they do, it intervenes to limit the harm. It gives people support when they're struggling to care for animals, and empowers communities to take ownership of animal welfare through education. It champions the human-animal bond and highlights the ways that animals enrich our lives.

It's on the frontline of the fight to make sure people who harm animals face justice. It confronts organised criminals exploiting animals, and uses enforcement powers to bring them to justice.

It leads the charge in fighting for the highest animal welfare standards. Advocating for change, using evidence from what it sees on the ground to demand stronger laws, improved protections to help animals today, tomorrow, and always.

People are the backbone of the Scottish SPCA. Its passionate colleagues and volunteers, and the thousands of people across Scotland who support the work it does to make this country a safe home for all animals.

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