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TRAFFIC International

TRAFFIC is working to reduce illegal trafficking and help local communities benefit from legal and sustainable trade of wild species.


Wildlife trade is one of the world's most urgent conservation and development challenges.

Global supply chains for wild plants and animals connect across oceans and forests, from source to consumer. They provide vital income for hundreds of millions of the world's poor. At the same time, illegal trade - one of the most profitable criminal activities worldwide - is destroying environments and opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.

TRAFFIC is driving action to reduce illegal trafficking and create opportunities for local communities to benefit from legal and sustainable trade of wild species. As a trusted advisor with nearly 200 staff across five continents, TRAFFIC generates evidence, analysis, and innovative solutions to disrupt criminal gangs, strengthen global and national law, and build responsible and fair supply chains.

TRAFFIC prioritises the species, landscapes and communities most at risk, whether it be African Elephants hunted to near extinction for their ivory tusks, colourful songbirds and parrots captured for the pet trade, or precious hardwood trees, whose trade must be brought under control for the sake of earth's indispensable, tropical forests.

With the support of People's Postcode Lottery players, TRAFFIC partners with the TRACE Wildlife Forensics Network, a specialist UK NGO that works throughout Africa, to strengthen forensics capacity and laboratories across the continent. As a result, African investigators and prosecutors are applying cutting-edge technology to combat trafficking.

From harvesters to consumers; law enforcement to governments; transport companies to trade businesses; TRAFFIC tackles the root causes of wild species trade issues from all angles, across the entire supply chain.

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